Monday, May 20, 2013

Five Minute Food

Everyone needs a go to meal and we all know we get into routines.  I have been making my own version of a P.F. Chang's style meal...
It is healthy and, better yet, it takes about five minutes to make.  Seriously.
So I figured I'd share....

Purchase "cocktail shrimp" at the grocery store.  They are usually medium in size and already cooked.  Toss out the sauce, lemons, etc and just cut off the tails.

In a non stick pan (I used a wok) put in a little olive oil, soy sauce, chili paste or garlic chili paste (to taste), and a dash of sugar.  Cook shrimp until they are warm and covered in the sauce.

I then like to use a packet of rice like Seeds of Change microwavable rice....and put it all in a bowl together.

I love to have "cucumber salad" on the side...
I just peel and slice a cucumber, and put it into a bowl with some seasoned rice vinegar.  Add a dash of salt and it is a super easy, healthy side dish!

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