Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ballet Body Workout DVDs

I was able to try out the Ballet Body series of DVDs.  This included their Core Workout, Lower Body Workout and the upper body workout.

I didn't know if I would love these DVDs since I was never a dancer and certainly never as graceful as one!

I started by watching the Core Workout and I was surprised at how difficult the seemingly simple body weight exercises were!  You can give yourself a GREAT workout with no weights!  This is awesome for those who have a small space, don't have room for gym equipment or are traveling and are working out in their hotel room.  I will take this with me on business trips.  Even if you didn't have the necessary 45 minutes to complete the workout from start to finish, this DVD is a great resource of abdominal exercises that you can add into your other workouts.

The Upper Body Workout starts out with a bang.  You get moving right away and get started with moved that work your upper body, but also your core.  Almost all of the exercises done in this series help you strengthen your core and build that base that helps you in every activity you do.  I love this type of workout as it give you a natural "lift".  Everything tightens up, works together and strengthens.
If you want those toned arms that are great for summer, give this video a try.

Finally, the Lower Body workout really gives you a run for your money.  You are going to feel a bit wobbly after this video.  However, the workout is amazing and this is the way to gain long, lean, toned legs that have the strength to run, dance, bike and play!  You're going to be shocked at the ways you can position your body and the strength you find in doing so.

Note that there are no modifications presented so you may want to pause the video, or simply take breaks if you are new to working out, have a hard time completing the workout or just need to watch and learn the proper form.

You can purchase all of these DVDs online.
(They are all on Amazon.  Here is one of them:

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