Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Heat

So its summer in New England finally.  And that means, warm, humid days.  It happens every year and it seems it happens suddenly.

Regardless, its always an adjustment to start running in the heat.
First of all, I need to hydrate better all day, not just before and after my run.  I am trying to come up with an easy way to keep track of how much water I drink.

Secondly, I need to use electrolyte drinks like Gatorade and Nuun.  I am going to stock up and have a little supply on hand.

I'm trying out new types of energy drops, gels, etc too.  I get sick of things quickly but I do like having a supply on hand so I am going to head out to a local sports store and buy a sampling.

Its officially shorts and tank top season too!  No more need for a top layer or capris!

Most importantly, I need to remember sun block!  I avoid the sun like the plague and getting funny tan lines around my iPod and running sunglasses isn't on my wish list.

On my way home I use a yoga towel to protect the car from getting all icky and I always have face wipes on hand too.

I don’t mind running in the heat.  In some cases I love how it feels.  However, when it gets really hot, I do try to run in the morning or the evening to avoid the worst of the summer heat.  Either way, I’m happy summer is finally here!

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