Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nathan Intensity Hydration Vest Review

As you all know I've been looking for something to carry water in/with during my longer runs.  I've been struggling to find a water bottle that doesn't leak and is comfortable.   I was recently given the chance to try out Nathan's Intensity Women's Racing Vest.

I wore the vest on a four mile run on a hot day.  I filled the internal bladder with cold water, put it in the backpack and strapped it on.  I was surprised as to how light the pack felt when I had it on.  I normally hate things touching my back when I work out, but this seemed ok.

I put my phone into another compartment and off I went.  I had the hydration cord wrapped around the front and I opened the valve.  I started running and quickly noticed that there was a slow drip from the valve.  I needed to keep it on the "closed" setting while running.

The valve was easy to grab and to bite and use while running.  However, opening the valve did take some getting used to.  I wish that it didn't drip on the open setting.

The vest is made for women so it doesn't chafe and it fits you in all the right places.  Its easily adjustable.  I liked the two front pockets located on the straps.  This would be great for a key or Gu should you need them.

The vest holds almost 7 liters of water.  You can of course fill it as much or as little as you'd like.  There are also some straps that you can use to lash a jacket to if you're out in the elements.

Overall the pack has two front pockets and two rear pockets=lots of storage for anything you need on your run.  And the fact that its lightweight and comfortable may make this my new favorite running partner.

Take a peek at the Nathan Intensity Vest and order one here:

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