Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fairfield 5k Race Review

I just ran another PR!  I didn't intend for this race to be my best race ever.  All the conditions were off.  It was hot, muggy, I was exhausted from a LONG week at work and I hadn't been on my regular training or eating routine.  So I was going out for a fun, flat course.

There were 1500 runners in the race so the start "gate" was clogged with tons of people.  It was extremely slow getting off the start and even the first quarter to half mile there was a lot of bumping jostling and tactical footwork.  I'm not a fan of this but it does keep me from starting off too fast.

There were water stops at the first mile mark and the second mile mark.  I really wanted water half way through and had sped up in anticipation of the short break but I took water as the second mile mark.

I love the fun that this race offers.  Bagpipes, a rock band and a sprinkler all kept me occupied.

This was my first race with a different iPod than I normally run with.  My old iPod died and I had to use a replacement that Apple had sent me for an older model that was recalled.  I wasn't in love with the bigger iPod but my headphones worked well.  It was my first race with my newest pair of headphones.

My first mile was nice and slow, then I sped up during my second mile.  I was on pace to come in FAST (for me), and I think I psyched myself out a little bit and ended up slowing down during the last mile.  Either way, it was fast and flat and it was a great run. Now I really have to pick up my training to beat this new PR time!

My uncle and aunt both ran the race and had great times.  The biggest news is that my husband, Matt, ran the race too and not only finished the race, but did so WAY under his goal time.
Here is a picture of all of us after the race:

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