Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Skirt Sports Wonder Girl Dress Review

I'm always on the go and I've finally found my dress to take me everywhere I want to do.
 The Wonder Girl dress by Skirt Sports is all is need for my morning run, my afternoon errands, working with clients and then out to dinner in the evening.

I first thought this was going to be just a running dress.  I received a size small in black and I didn't put it on until I was on my way out the door for a run.

I was shocked at how soft and comfy it was.  The dress has a built in bra so all I needed to throw on was a pair of small black tight running shorts.  (You can wear whatever you want underneath, however, I'm a bit overly modest.)

I am always fearful of things riding up and showing "too much" of anything.  While running, the dress really didn't move at all.  I was impressed.  I never caught a glimpse of the undershorts and I'm assuming no one else did either.

The bra was supporting but not tight.  The racerback is flattering and allows for free range of movement.

The dress itself does not fit tightly.  Its relaxed, but not loose.  Its a very flattering dress.  It hugs you in the right spots and skims over others.

Its 32 inches in length, so its not too long and not too short.

Its made of a wicking, fast drying jersey and mesh material.  My dress is black, but its comes in lots of other colors too!

When I got home from my run, I actually dove right into my errands and work without changing.  The dress was completely dry and was so comfy that I was happy to wear it all day.

I find myself wanting to wear this dress out now more than wearing it for a run.  With a cuff bracelet and a cardigan, it looks as good as any other dress I have for a night out.

Take a peek at the Wonder Girl dress on the Skirt Sports website by visiting here:

Overall, this dress is worth every penny.

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