Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Born To Run

I was recently on vacation and for the first time in about two years (due to grad school) I was actually able to read some books, just for fun.

One of the books I read was Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.  The book is non fiction.  However, the characters are so rich and you get so entwined in their story that they almost feel like fictional characters.  At the very least, they feel like friends at the end of the novel and you find yourself wanting each character to have a personal victory.

The book discusses many things.  The history of running is entwined throughout the book.  The history and development of the modern running shoe is also discussed. If you think you know where the barefoot running trend came from you're wrong!

The book also discusses a hidden tribe of Mexican runners.  (Doesn't that sound like fiction?!)  I was fascinated by the tribe mere existence, never mind their ability to run ultra marathons as a game!

Diet is also discussed and I loved the mention of chia seeds.  They are one of my staples and people always look at me as if I'm crazy and ask "Like Chia Pet?!?!".

All of these themes intertwine throughout the book to make it a fast and enjoyable read.  Some non fiction running books drag on but this one changes time, place and topic enough that you can't wait to get to the next chapter.

Overall, I think its a great book.  It discusses a lot of the hot running issues right now like barefoot running, minimalist shoes, ultra races, etc.  Pick it up and enjoy yourself!

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