Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm a Picky Eater

I was recently sent some Picky Bars to review.  I have tried a lot of bars over time.  As a matter of fact, as soon as I see a new bar come out, I check the stores to see if its in stock.  I'm always looking for something new and tasty and healthy.  (Which as we all know is super hard to find.)

Anyway, I had hoped that what I had heard about Picky Bars was true, they actually tasted good.  When my few bars arrived in the mail I was unsure.  They came in small clear bags and the contents looked like whole some food, but mushed together and put into this baggie.

Turns out that my husband and I ended up in Acadia National Park recently and had the chance to take some day hikes.   I grabbed the Picky Bars out of the bag of bars I'd packed and said aloud "They'd better be good, because I'm depending on them to get me up and down this mountain."

I got to the top of the Beehive and I pulled out my picky bar.  I started with the Mega Nuts Bar.  I took it out of the packaging and dove right in.  I loved it right away.  It was crunchy enough and mushy enough all at the same time.  The consistency of the items placed in the bar were just right.  You never went a bite without a chocolate chip or nut or something tasty.

More importantly, I felt great after eating the bar.  It looked small but it was just enough to fuel me back down the mountain and on to the rest of my day.

I have since tried all the flavors and even the "Nutless Wonder" packs a punch!  I can't decide on my favorite.

I loved the fact that the packaging on the bars was see through so you could see the contents.  I also loved the fact that a few hours in my hot pack didn't seem to make any difference at all to the bar.

They ship for free and they are available at  I've already placed an order for more :)

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