Sunday, September 4, 2011


Well Hurricane Irene went through the East Coast without as much damage and destruction as predicted.  I'm thrilled and happy that my family and our homes were safe.

That being said, I did not make it back home on schedule. I booked a hotel in Atlanta to not spend the whole night in the airport.

I took a WAY overpriced cab to a mall and ate the yummiest Thai Chicken Pizza and did a little shopping. I needed new headphones so I picked those up at the Apple store and I shopped Nike, Anthropologie, and a few other favorites.  I was mostly killing time.

I headed back to my hotel room and watched some TV and tried to catch up on emails and work.  Despite having a big luxurious hotel room to myself, its not as much fun as sharing it with someone.

I am flying home tonight and today I will be spending a long time in the airport waiting to leave.  I am armed with books, a charged phone and computer (and secondary phone charger!).

Despite being quite proud of myself for not having checked any luggage this whole trip, the thought of lugging it around the airport for seven hours this afternoon is daunting and I just may check it.

So this morning, I'm giving in and using the gym treadmill.  I know I say that I'm not a treadmill girl but I have stayed in locations that have not allowed me to run at all for the past two days and I'm a little desperate!

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