Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Virginia Women's Business Conference

Recently I was lucky enough to speak at the Virginia Women's Business Conference.  This is the 5th year they have run the conference and it has grown in size every year.  They contacted me ages ago about presenting and I accepted as soon as I could.  As it does, the time flew and before I knew it the day arrived to leave.

We stayed at the Landsdown Resort in Virginia and it was lovely.  The hotel was enormous and can house multiple conferences, weddings and events at once.  With multiple pools, restaurants and even conference rooms, it was a huge building to navigate.  However, on day one I found a little niche of the lobby to enjoy my coffee and sit by the fire and get some work done.  Who doesn't love a hotel with free coffee all morning?

Me at sunset at Arlington

The newest memorial, decimated to MLK

I spoke in the afternoon to a large group of business women who had great energy.  The group had lots of amazing questions and were ready and willing to learn and dive right into my questions and activities.

I love presenting to people who want more information on getting organized.  Once they know that it doesn't require them to make their home look like Pottery Barn or give  up every waking minute to color code and label, they cam embrace it.  For most people, they have simply thought about organizing wrong before and it's changing their mindset that can be life changing.

Matt and I ate at some of our favorite DC restaurants (Gordon Beirsh, La Sandia, and even a local Thai place).  We toured the mall, visited the monuments and the museums.  It was COLD on one of the days so we even moved the car once to stay close and warm.

It was the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination so Arlington was packed but it was amazing to be there on such a historic event.

Arlington at sunset

The Capitol Building
Ron Burgundy's Famous Suit
We were also able to visit the temporary exhibit at the Newseum called Anchorman.  It showcases lots of costumes, props and stories from the original Anchorman movie.  While it's a parody on real news, it was a great exhibit, really fun to see and overall, the whole trip was kind of a big deal.

This is my last business trip of the year.  I'm already looking forward to booking speaking engagements all over the country next year!

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