Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Sorry I've been so quiet lately!  We've been out of the country :)
Okay, just Canada…but it was a great trip!

We started off in Niagara falls.  My husband had never been and it was a great place to see again as an adult.  (I hadn't been since high school.)

We had an amazing hotel room that overlooked the falls.  With the cold air and the mist, we actually had a better view from the room.  We ate dinner at an amazing Crepe place.

Then next day we moved onto Toronto and right before we hit the border I realized my passport was expired!  Turns out you can still cross the border, thank goodness!

We immediately started exploring and went to some Canadian stores :)
Our hotel room was in the heart of the entertainment and financial district so the restaurants were amazing.  We had so many great meals!
We visit the hockey hall of fame.  My husband loves hockey and he was thrilled!  This is in fact, a FAKE Stanley cup, but we still posed for a photo with it :)

At the CN Tower there is a glass floor that looks straight down at the ground.  It was really cool.  Not everyone wants to walk on it and their reactions are often hilarious.

My badge at the Professional Organizers of Canada Conference.  This was the real reason for our trip.  I spoke with another organizer on digital filing and organization.  The audience was great and I always love presenting.

This is just one example of an amazing meal we had.  This one, a chicken pot pie, was from a restaurant called Elephant and Castle.

Matt looking at the Stanley cup and soon realizing it's a fake.  

The view of Toronto from the CN Tower.  It was a great view and an amazingly clean city with healthy and friendly people.  We had a lot of amazing food, great views and we got to see the Red Sox win the World Series in our hotel room :)

Another great road trip in the books and another great speaking engagement.  I'm so thankful I have a fellow road tripper who loves coming along for the ride and that I have a career that takes me to such great places.  

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