Thursday, November 14, 2013

Noizy Headphone Review

We all know I love to run.  And I've been looking for a great pair of headphones for what seems like forever.  I finally got everything I was looking for in Noizy's blue tooth headphones.  

They connect to your phone, iPod or other music device via blue tooth so there are no wires.  They fit nicely in your ears and they come with lots of various earbud styles and "tips".  The headphones allow you to control your music (volume, play, forward, etc) and you can even make a phone call with these.  I love these for conference calls!  Instead of holding a phone to my ear I can take notes or type!  

I love that these don't get tangled in my dog's leash when I am walking her.  Many headphones are too long and with a leash, a jacket in the fall and winter and headphones, tangles become commonplace.  These are an amazing gift for someone looking to get fit in the new year or the runner on your list.  I love these, how light weight they are and how fabulous the sound is.  They are cute and even come in pink!

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