Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My New Normal

So after a few weeks of using my new best friends, two inhalers who I'm inclined to name and decorate, I am on my way to feeling a bit better.

I have never been a good patient.  I'm not a good medicine taker.  And I hate depending on things.  So, all of those make me a lousy candidate for having asthma and even worse, issues with it.

While I was still just a few days into my new medication we had some horribly humid and sticky days. I had a hard time going to get the mail.  I promptly went back inside and hunkered down for the remainder of the day.

Lack of oxygen, or even a decrease from your normal intake, can make you tired.  So, I've learned to not feel guilty about having to nap a little.  It is my lungs healing and every nap I take, means I'm one step closer to running and feeling good.

Whenever I'm in a situation where the air isn't great, (lots of dust, pet allergens, etc), I can feel it right away and a tightness in my chest warns me to get out and do it quickly.  A while back I would have forged ahead and forced the issue.  Now, I back off.

I am wearing a mask that protects me from mold and other airborne irritants when I work.  It's uncomfortable and I look like a dork, but it's for my health.

I really want to talk to the people who make inhalers.  Why are they so ugly and why can't I chose the colors?  Why don't they attach to a key chain or have a belt clip?  I mean, these things are just ASKING to be lost.

Oh and I found out that if a pet chews on your inhaler and inhales the medicine, it can be fatal.  I didn't find that out via experience, I did some research online.

So, I have starting walking Roxy again.  We went out for the first time last week.  We did a few little mini pieces of a run.  I will say that my breathing felt easier and deeper than it ever has before.  So, while I'm frustrated I've missed some great training time, I'm optimistic.  Perhaps if I weren't so stubborn, I would have sought out a solution long ago and been in this year's Olympics.  Okay, I know that wasn't going to happen.  However, I do know that my inhalers are now part of my morning running routine, just as much as my shoes and Roxy are.

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