Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Little Tougher

So this week has been a little tougher than last.  Last week everything fell into place and it was a breeze.  This week is a little more challenging.  Working in some dusty environments and doing some cleaning have left me a little stuffy and battling the asthma a bit more.  Also, there was a carnival setting up at the trail Roxy and I have been running on.  While that doesn't sound like a big deal, it means carnival rides, cars as well as carnival people and dogs walking and driving by us while running.  It's just too much distraction.  Even I wasn't enjoying myself.

Okay so since I have no great running strides to report, I want to tell you what I've learned.  First of all, eating gluten free is hard.  There is gluten in everything.  And, when you go out, you have almost no chance of finding things you can eat.  I was never trying to be completely gluten free.  However, reducing it is still hard.

Dairy is also in everything.  However, it is much easier to avoid.  Soy milk is available at lots of coffee shops.  Many restaurants have alternatives as well.  I even recently found a coffee "creamer" in hazelnut made of soy milk that I love.

Roxy is loving getting back out together and as if she wasn't attached to me before, she now won't leave my side.  She sits on half of my desk while I work.  She sleeps under my feet while I read and she constantly wants some attention.  I love it :)

So, I'm still eating healthy, foam rolling and working on my patience for this internal injury.  I think waiting for your lungs to heal is more difficult than waiting for something like a sprained ankle to heal.  You have no visual or physical indicators to go by, it's all about intuition.

So right now I'm trying to find that place between peace and pushing.  It's not an easy place to find.  You want to make progress, but still work hard.  Be a fighter, but learn the lessons presented.  Buddha meets a boot camp instructor....that's the battle that is going on in my mind.

However, I know I'm blessed to be back out there, enjoying the amazing fall New England scenery and on the road to recovery.

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