Thursday, September 26, 2013

Coming Back

So this week I have decided to get out and enjoy the fall weather.  Regardless of what I can or cannot do, I want to see the leaves change color, get Roxy a good workout (it makes her SO much quieter and calmer the remainder of the day, and start my day off outside.

So, every day I grab a cup of coffee, use my inhaler and sit for a few minutes.  I get everything into my system, wake up a little bit (and check some emails) and then we head out the door.  If the first part takes too long, Roxy lets me know by getting between me and the computer.

We've been heading to our town's recreation center.  It has a dirt/paved trail that is 1.2 and circular.  It's not very hilly, which I don't like.  However, there are always lots of other people and dogs there which is great for Roxy's training.

We've been working some runs back into our walks and as long as I focus on counting my breathing, I feel good.  I haven't had an acute attack (knock on wood) and I've been feeling great afterwards.  I've missed getting out with her and breaking a great sweat!

Afterwards, she just sits in the car next to me and I swear she's smiling. We often stop to run some errands.  Most of the places we go to know she's in the car and they offer me a treat for her. She gets spoiled by just about everyone in town.

We've been stopping to pick up some coffee or a latte on the way home.  It's not something I want to be a habit, but right now I'm hooked on the pumpkin spice soy latte and I'm rewarding myself for heading out in the morning.

Roxy will actually nap for part of the day if we go out in the morning.  Otherwise, she just runs circles around my office.

So, next week I'm looking to add more distance back to our runs and decrease the walking.  I will say, I wore my running watch today and I was terrified at what it was going to tell me and how slow I was going.  However, I'm picking back up not much slower than I left off.  So I'm hopeful!

There isn't much better than heading out into the crisp New England air on a fall morning!  My whole day is better because of it!

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