Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekly Recap and Looking Ahead

Well this week was good and bad for training.  I was super busy with my cousin's graduation, lots of family parties and visiting guests.  We had a ton of fun, are a ton of unhealthy food and I didn't have much time for running or training.  SO, I decided to forgive myself and move on.

I did get a few shorts run in and while I used to get really frustrated that I didn't have enough time to complete the workout I had imagined in my mind, I now can let it go.  I focus on what I AM doing and that I have the ability and time to be out there, even if for just a short period of time.

Even a quick two miler is better than staying at home on the couch and a quick weight workout does me better than skipping it entirely.

So after the parties ended, I had a full week or work.  I was quite busy every day and some days I wasn't able to fit my workout in.  My work this week was really physically demanding and I was physically tired as well.  Again, I forgave myself and moved on.

Instead of working out in the morning, I took some sunset runs...I love the warm summer breeze in the evening and my lungs are actually warmed up and it is easier to run.

I am already fighting the humidity with my asthma and finding that when it's sticky out, it is best to run in the morning or night or stay inside.

Roxy has her Kool Collar on and it seems to be working well for her.

So, we are excited about making up some ground in the next few weeks and enjoying it.  I do love a good, hot summer workout where you can't wait to jump into a swimming hole after your run.

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