Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kool Collar, Our Newest Running Companion

When the summer heat first hit, my doggie Roxy and I were on our normal daily run and about 2 miles in, she over heated.  She refused to go any further.  When we got home, she got into the shower right away.  It took a lot of water and time or her to cool down.  

I realized that not only can my dog not tell me when she's hot.  She can't cool off the same way I can when we run.  I felt terrible, but knew that she still needs to get her workout in.

I soon found Kool Collar.  It is a collar that holds a special ice pack that you put into the freezer and then insert into the collar itself.

You can use ice cubes too.  However, that is only for outdoor use as they melt.

The ice packs are reusable and non staining and non toxic (a must with doggies!).

The collar comes in lots of sizes and colors and is affordable.  It is a great way to make your dog more comfortable in the summer months and give yourself peace of mind.  After all, you can change outfits and head into air conditioning!  

So while Roxy can't tell me she feels better while we're running in the summer heat, she hasn't slowed down, tried to dive into any puddles and she seems as happy as ever during our runs.  I don't leave home without her Kool Collar.  If I stop for a coffee on the way home too, I know she still feels great!  

And when we travel, I can get ice cubes from any fast food restaurant!  

Get your Kool Collar here:

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