Thursday, July 12, 2012

No Target?

So as I've said before, my husband and I often visit an island off the coast of Maine.  Its about 1.5 hours by ferry so it takes a while to make it out there and there are not a lot of stores.

The island has a grocery store, some gift shops and a few places to get food.  However, there are no fast food places, no chain stores, etc.  Its shocking when you first arrive and realize you forgot deodorant or something you can't live without.  However, by the end of your first week here you have broken the urge to run out to the store every time you think of something.

Despite working with my clients to help them live simple lives with less stuff, I think that even I am guilty of over consumption from time to time.  After a few days you really learn to do without, use something else or change the way you're looking at things.

So while I will soon be headed back to the mainland and I can stock up on things, I'm looking forward to coming back to my little oasis without a Target.  (However, I fully intend to get a venti Starbucks and an order of sushi on my way home!)

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