Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Island

As I posted last week, I  recently spent some time on an island off the Maine coast.  I wanted to share a few photos from my trip.  Here is the harbor...the view is so picturesque that sometimes it looks like a postcard to me and not something I see every day on the island.  I love running my the harbor in the morning, in the evening...really any time!
We let Roxy do a lot of swimming while we were there.  She dives right in and play fetch with a floating bumper we bring with us.  Once we gets out of the salty water, she likes to dive into the sea week and dirt.  It makes for a very dirty, smelly dog, but she LOVES it and prances around so happy I don't have the heart to stop her.

Here is a family photo.  We staggered our trip a little bit, but we were all there for the Fourth of July.  We love spending time together and since we hadn't taken a family photo in years, we made sure we captured one this year; doggies included!

Here's one of the many shots Matt got of me while we walked around the island...this was just an evening walk and it turned into a beautiful evening.

Here is the house we all stay at.  Its old and has been in Matt's family forever.  It feels like home and I always want to get back there as soon as possible

 Here's another one Matt got of me on a day we took Roxy out to swim....its a great place to sit and think and just enjoy the untouched Maine scenery.  Its really a place of beauty that can be matched by any photo or postcard.  Its a place where life moves a bit slower and you very quickly become accustomed to not being in such a rush to go everywhere.  While we can only visit in the summer, its a place I dream of year round.

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