Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Training Runs

I have taken advantage of some great weather we've been having in the NorthEast and getting out for some fabulous trail runs.

I have been piecing together a few of my favorite trails and making one I love.  Its made up of "single rider" trails.  In the trail world that means that they are small enough that only one person at a time can go down the trail and cars can't fit on them.  Traditionally they have more rocks, roots and mud than other, wider trails.  Mountain bikers love them.  As a matter of fact I saw about a dozen bikers this morning.

I always fear that I am going to space out and get into my music and not hear bikers come up one me.  But they are always very nice and let me go ahead of them.  (I would gratefully "pull over" for a break though!)

I find that the more challenging trails are actually easier for me.  Instead of focusing on the run as a whole and what's coming up, I'm focusing on not tripping over the next rock, not falling down, etc.

I will say that this morning I had a lot to go over in my mind.  I was thinking about everything that needed to be done, everything I had coming up this week and I tripped over a rock that moved under my foot.  I fell.  I'm okay but I will say I was scared for a moment.   I got up and finished my next three miles. I didn't have much of a choice, I was in the woods!  And I'm sure during my "mud race" in April, I'm going to take a tumble so I need to learn now.

Today was my last "long" run before next weekend's race.  I have a tempo run only left and a few yoga classes....I'm excited for the start of spring racing season!  So excited that I'm pretty sure I over did it during my first week of spring training!

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