Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. Patty's Day Race Review

This was my second year at the Fairfield St. Patty's Day Four Miler.

The weather has been really nice out so I was really geared up for this race.  It was a cloudy morning but it was still supposed to be 65 that day.

I wore a skirt, knee socks and a tank and long sleeve top.  I had intended to take off the long sleeve top but it was REALLY breezy down by the water so I kept it on.

The race was nice and there were a lot of attendees.  However, there were not bagpipes or bands like there were last year.

I felt good during the race.  A few times I got confused about where I was in the course.  That's the issue with a course you kind of can mess up your mental thinking pretty quickly I found.

I was steady throughout and felt good.  I could have gone faster and I probably should have.  However, I was always afraid of running out of steam and I knew that I was signed up for 108 sun salutations at yoga later that I needed to save some.

Over all I took over three minutes off my time from last year, felt pretty good and it gave me a confidence boost for the 10k I'm racing in a few weeks.

I do know I need to work on going faster and even more importantly, feeling confident in my running abilities.   I'm looking forward to lots more challenges this year!

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