Saturday, March 10, 2012

Running Away

Lately I've been working some crazy hours and my schedule has been hectic, at best.  I am working on the launch of our third company, Social Ocean.  Its been a success right out of the gate, which is amazing and I'm blessed for that.  However, I have had a lot of sleepless nights and rushed workouts.

I realized just today that my St. Patrick's Day race is NEXT week!  Its a four miler, on a flat course and it was a lot of fun last year.  I wore green pigtail holders and green knee socks.  I thought I was going to be the only one decked out.  I was WRONG!  I was one of the least decorated.
So this year I have a green top, shamrock headband and other assorted greenery.

I am anxious about the race, but I keep telling myself its only four miles, flat and who cares if I run walk it?

So this weekend is my last few training runs.  I got out today for a good four miles in the woods and I'm amazed at how much easier trail running is than running on the road.  I always feel like the trail runs go too fast and its sad to go home.

We've been having some unseasonable weather here in Connecticut.  It was almost 70 yesterday. That's shorts weather!  I've packed away my thermal tights already too.

So the spring running season is upon us.  Despite having run all winter I feel as if there is a change in mindset with the spring and summer, its back to training time!

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