Monday, May 16, 2011

Run Phones Review

Well the first thing I have to tell you about Run Phones is that since I tried them out, my husband has stolen them and I haven't seen them since.

I tried Run Phones out on a short run I took the other day.  It was brisk out so I was happy to have something cover my ears.  I thought I was going to feel like I was wearing a winter headband, however it felt like I was wearing a headband for my hair instead.

It was quite comfortable to wear and I really didn't even notice having the Run Phones on.

I was wondering about the sound quality since I'm used to in ear headphones.  The sound quality was very good.  I did very much like being able to hear things around me for security reasons.

I was really surprised and pleasantly so, on how comfortable these headphones are to wear, even long term.  My husband is a photographer and journalist.  He records interviews with coaches on his phone and then must listen to them later when he is article writing.  He now uses these headphones to do so because they are so comfy.

I love the fast that the headphones can come out of the headband and the headband can then be washed. The headband itself also comes in different colors and for the winter, the headband is thermal.  (How great is that?!)  The summer headband is wicking and dries quickly.

Run Phones aren't nearly as expensive as many of the earbuds out there and are far more comfortable to wear.  I use headphones for my conference calls and at the end of a call, my ears hurt from the buds.  I'm going to use these from now on.  And even if you are running, they DON'T fall off and need adjusting like you think they might.

The Run Phones work with all sorts of devices like iPods, etc.

You can visit the Run Phones site by clicking here:

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