Friday, May 20, 2011

Mother's Day Race Recap

On Mother's Day I ran a local 5k race.  I signed up for it ages ago before I really thought the whole weekend through.  You see, my graduation party was on Saturday so I was up late Friday night eating takeout food, getting ready for the party.  On Saturday I was up early, went to bed late and had lots of excitement in the middle.  (Oh and lots of not so good for you things to eat and drink.)

I woke up on Sunday morning not feeling so hot.  I laid in bed for a while thinking I might skip the race.  My husband finally convinced me I need to go. If not, I'd kick myself later.  So off we went.

I arrived at the event 12 minutes before the start of the race.  Not my favorite feeling as I hate being rushed, but I made it to the start line in plenty of time.

I started strong and felt great.  Because of the graduation party I'd taken lots of time off from running that week and I was ready.  However, my stomach was not.  I race the fastest I've ever run, however, needed to pull over a few times to allow myself to heave a little.

I finished, and I felt glad I went.  Despite my disappointing time, I know that now I'm capable of a much faster time than I was running before.  I can do much better than my current PR and next time I will.

Next time I will have the REST and the HEALTHY EATING paired with each other so that I can perform at my best.

I'm not really that upset though because I had a wonderful time at my graduation party.  By the end of the day I felt truly blessed to have all those wonderful people in my life that were willing to make the trip to celebrate with me. I have a wonderful support system and I'm so thankful for it.

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