Monday, May 30, 2011

One of My Favorite Things

While you may think my Starbucks City Mugs are a silly thing to be one of my favorite things I’m going to explain to you why.
First of all, for those of you who don’t know, Starbucks produces and sells a line of City Mugs.  They each depict a city in the same colorful manner.  They are only sold at major Starbucks stores in that city.  Therefore you MUST visit that city in order to buy a City Mug or you have to have a friend who will bring one home for you.  They offer them domestically and internationally.
I started collecting them by accident actually.  Someone brought me one from China and I thought it was a really neat.  I started looking for them in all the cities I visited.  Now, there are a few reasons I love my City Mugs.
1.  They allow me to remember my trips.  I have all of the mugs lined up on a shelf above my desk. I can look up, see the cities and remember my travels.
2.  They are a really inexpensive way to remember a trip.  They usually cost about $10, less than even buying a tee shirt.
3.  My friends and family all know I collect them and they bring them back for me from their travels.  Now thats a cool present!  Most recently, my friend bought me one from Hawaii.  Instead of a traditional mug that holds hot coffee its an iced coffee cup!  Love that!
4.  I have put my collection to good use.  As I stated above, they are on a shelf over my desk.  I have then used them to house pens, markers, etc.  All of these things would be on my desk surface other wise.
Will I continue to let my collection grow forever?  No.  I have boundaries set up for myself and I’ve actually gotten rid of four or five mugs already that were cities that I didn’t feel strongly about or ones that were bought by people that are no longer part of my life.
So, the lessons are as follows:
Find something you love to look at and can honor in your home every day and collect that.
Enjoy it and look at it.
If possible, find a way to make it useful.

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