Monday, February 10, 2014


I recently mentioned my cabin fever.  Yes, I have a home gym.  Yes, I work from home.  I can see the gym from my office.  This leads to entire days where I simply exist in a small area of my home.  Since getting outside isn't easy for workouts right now and due to snowstorms and flu season, I've been working from home a lot, I've been itching to get out.

Coincidentally, a new spin studio opened up in my town. The first class is free, so I figured I'd give it a shot.  I used to take spin all the time at my old gym.  However, it had been a few years.  I have a spin bike here and I use the shoes that snap into the pedals, so I was comfortable with the set up etc.

The new studio was full of serious bikers who clearly bike outdoors during the rest of the year.  I was in yoga clothes but many of the students had outdoor road gear on.  I snapped into my bike and started to warm up.

The class was 50 minutes and the instructor was high energy.  It was set up like "stadium seating" so everyone had a good view.  The lights were turned way down and the music turned way up.

Through hills, internals, sprints and even an arm workout, the 50 minutes flew by.  I loved the motivational music and the large fans cooling us off.  So, I'm going to get myself a series of classes and go once or twice a week until this cold spell breaks and the snow melts.

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