Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Rhode Island Protein Shake

I've been sharing some of my favorite protein shake "recipes" with you.  I call them recipes, but I play everything by ear and really look at the constancy as I mix it up in the blender.

I call this one my Rhode Island protein shake because it uses something that is distinctly Rhode Island, coffee syrup.  For those of you who don't know, coffee syrup is a sweet syrup that flavors everything you mix it with like coffee.  In Rhode Island coffee milk is a staple.

To make this shake I combine a few ice cubes with almond milk and a scoop of hemp protein powder in the blender.  I mix it up until it looks like a milkshake.

When it's done, I add in a little Dave's Coffee syrup and mix it for another few seasons.  The protein shake is frothy and does taste like a milkshake.  I know the syrup adds some sugar and calories, but I keep it to a minimum and it tastes amazing!

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