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New Year New Gear

If you're starting a new fitness routine, like so many are in the New Year, it's time to upgrade your fitness gear.  Here are a few things I was able to try out and how they could help you meet your New Year's goals.

1.  Look no further for new headphones than Meelectronic's SportFi M6P headphones.
Their headphones have everything you could want; comfortable ear pieces made of memory foam, remote control volume and song control, great sound and even extra ear pieces.
I love the bright colors that these come in.  They are easy to find in your bag.  I also love that these are water resistant.  I no longer have to worry if I'm caught out in a sprinkle or I sweat on them :)
Here are some of the details that Meelectonic's site offers:
  • Memory wire that conforms to the ear for a locked-in fit
  • Energetic sound with enhanced bass keeps you motivated
  • Inline microphone, remote, and universal volume control for headset use
  • Noise isolating in-ear design helps you focus
  • Six sets of eartips for the best fit and comfort
  • Sweat resistant design for long-term durability
Want to know something else that's great?  These are AFFORDABLE!  At $39.99 these are a great price point for awesome quality.
No more tangled cords either.  These headphones have a shirt clip and a cable control.  No more getting snagged on things while working out.  I love these for conference calls…that's my little secret.  These are a great motivation gift for yourself or someone you love!
2.  FitDeck is quite possibly a MUST have for anyone who sometimes can't make it to the gym, works out at home or travels.  FitDecks come in a variety of themes including bodyweight, yoga and core blast.  For whatever type of workout you are seeking, there is a FitDeck to match it.  FitDeck is simple.  They are cards that demonstrate how to do an exercise, stretch or movement.  The cards are easy to understand, durable and presented in languae that everyone can understand.  I love that these can go anywhere with you and come in a great plastic carrying case.  They can be adopted for any fitness level and your specific needs and fitness goals.  You can pick cards out ahead of time and design a workout program or shuffle and have a different routine every time you use FitDeck.  These are a great way to beat the winter boredom blues and make working out fun and challenging every day.  At $14.95 a piece (at the time I'm writing this) they are MUCH cheaper than a gym membership!
Click this deck to see all the other themes and options available.  A great gift to yourself to start the New Year off on the right foot!
Click this deck to see all the other themes and options available. A great gift to yourself to start the New Year off on the right foot!
3.  Keeping your hair out of your face while working out is always a challenge.  And, if you don't have time to wash and style your hair again, those elastics leave horrible marks and destroy your hair.  CyndiBands are hair elastics that will hold event he thickest hair in place during the most vigorous workout.  They come in lots of colors so you can match your outfit or your mood.  They are made in the USA and when you're not wearing them, you can slip them on your wrist.  CyindiBands also sells headband in case you need a little extra hair assistance.  These hair ties are more durable than other brands I've tried and have actually stood up to a run and a hour plus yoga class.  They are awesome to give as gifts and you can even get them personalized!
Click on the elastics to see all of the colors they come in!
Click on the elastics to see all of the colors they come in!

Adorable packaging holding six neutral CyndiBands.  GREAT gift (to give to yourself!)
Adorable packaging holding six neutral CyndiBands. GREAT gift (to give to yourself!)
4.  We’ve all heard of the boxes that bring thins to your door every month.  It seems as those every product out there has an option to be packaged up and sent to your door step.  I love the concept of this.  You don’t have to leave the house and you get to try new products out every month.
Bulu Box is about a year old.  They offer two box options, Bulu Box and Bulu Box Weight Loss.  The box is filled with snacks, supplements and healthy living products designed to help you stay active.  Each box contains 4-5 products.
This is a great watt to try things out and not have to pay for a full size that you may or may not enjoy. It's also a great way to keep yourself motivated throughout the year!
5.  Need to protect your ring while working out?  Ring Cozy is what you need.  I will tell you from experience (I've broken my engagement ring no less than three times) that being active can damage your ring.  And if you have a stone in it, you risk losing it every time you hit the gym or pool.  Put a Ring Cozy over your ring and make sure it stays safely in place.  This is also great for cold winter days where you ring may become a tad too loose!  They are available in various colors and are just $10, a great insurance policy!
RingCozy6.  Have pain after working out and want to relieve it naturally?  Arnicare Gel does the trick.  It absorbs quickly, and helps with muscle pain, bruising and swilling.  The best part?  It's homeopathic so you don't have to worry about introducing things to your body that you would never dream of or even want to think about.  They have a store locator on their website.
Click this photo to see where to purchase Arnicare
Click this photo to see where to purchase Arnicare
7.  If you or someone you know need a little inspiration, a pick me up or a little clarity, these buttons by iadoreme are just what you need.  Each set has seven buttons made of metal and they are what you need to brighten up and coat, bag, or even cubicle.  They are bright and colorful to tap into your inner self and send you a positive message every time you look at them.  These are a great little gift for yourself or for someone who needs a little encouragement.  I like to have a few on hand to give with people when they need it most.
Click on the picture to buy your own set of mini mantras!
Click on the picture to buy your own set of mini mantras!
8.  If you need a little help stretching out,the Hatfield Strap is a good option.  It's designed to stretch your foot, calves and hamstring in a way you haven't been able to before.  It's a great way to relax after a hard workout or a good way to break into stretching if you're just starting to workout.  It's comfortable, effective and easy to use, even for a beginner.

9.  Working out on a busy schedule?  Get Motion Medica's No Time To Shower Mist.  It's exactly what it sounds like…a spray to help you stay at your freshest until you can get to a shower.  It smells great and is effective in killing bacteria and odors.  It does it while being chemical free too.  The little two ounce bottle is the perfect size to throw in your gym or yoga bag, a desk drawer or your purse.  You'll find yourself using this all the time!
10.  Working out is great for your body, but it isn't always that great for your feet.  Sometimes you get cuts, hot spots or even blisters.  Stop them with Foot Gloss.   The fragrance and paraben free mixture comes in a small, portable stick.  It's easy to apply and discreet too.  It forms a barrier between your feet and the shoes.  It doesn't feel greasy or sticky.  As a matter of fact, you really don't know you have it on, except that you don't have blisters or cuts later on.  I love keeping this in my purse, especially for long days walking around New York City.  The minute I feel a hot spot coming on, I use Foot Gloss and prevent it.  I love it!
Click to buy Foot Gloss.
\Click to buy Foot Gloss.
11.  If you need to workout on the go, Body Works Band is a good solution for you.  It's a strong resistance band that fits into even the smallest carry on bag.  The band serves as a portable set of weights, allowing you to workout even in a small space like an office or hotel room.  My favorite part of the band is that there are exercises printed right on the band!  So often travelers have no idea how they can get a complete workout in a small space and with a tight schedule.  This is the perfect travel accessory.
12.  Hate it when the cold air hits your lungs?  Have asthma and can't run in the cold?  If you want to hibernate because breathing cold air is painful, try out the ColdAvenger. It humidifies and warms the air before you breathe it in, making breathing easier for you while being outside or working out.  The ColdAvenger I tried is made of soft fleece and was surprisingly comfortable to wear.  It did make my neck sweat a little bit but my face didn't get hot like I thought it might.  I know I look a little silly, but for someone like me, with asthma I'd rather wear this and get outside than stay inside all winter long. This would be great for hiking or skiing as well.  It also keeps the wind off your face and it is still easy to talk.  This is a great gift for someone who braves the winter elements to get their workouts in!ColdAvenger
13.  If you want to join the barefoot revolution and reap all of the benefits of being barefoot while hiking, running or walking, try out Xero Shoes.  These sandals come pre made or in a do it yourself kit (where you can pick the color of the base and the color of the lace!).  They go on easily and they are super comfortable. If you want to walk as nature intended but still have foot protection from sharp objects (and since you can't walk around barefoot in public!), these are a great option.  There's a lot to learn about barefoot shoes and why you should wear them.  Learn more on Xero Shoe's website and take a look at their seemingly endless sandal options.
14.  Winter means short daylight hours which means that you don't have a lot of time for working out and if you are going to venture out, you need to be safe.  Personal Reflectors has just what you need to make sure you stay visible.  Their reflectors come in various shapes, sizes and colors and can be affixed to a leash, hat or really anything you are wearing or carrying.  I love that they can be easily moved from outfit to outfit and they really provide more than one point of visibility unlike most jackets or reflective devices.  These are inexpensive and great to give to anyone who is outside after dark.  Stay safe!
Click the photo for more ideas on how to use them and to purchase.  Reflectors start at just $2 and shipping and always free.
Click the photo for more ideas on how to use them and to purchase. Reflectors start at just $2 and shipping and always free.
15.  Want to workout inside instead of braving the elements?  With XBox1's new game, Zumba, World Party, you can break a sweat without leaving the living room.  With 44 songs, 40 routines and 30 dance styles you will find something you love and get fit while doing it.  This is a great way to get the whole family involved in working out.  At less than $50 (at the time I'm writing this), it's also an affordable way to workout through the winter months without buying expensive equipment or a gym membership.
16. Tribe Sports has a wide range of comfortable, stylish and technical apparel for men and women.  Their Performance Half-Zip top is slimming and soft against your skin.  It is wicking and it isn't too think.  There are areas for your body to breathe and it still regulates your body temperature.  I love the zip for staring my run and then opening it up to keep cool mid run.  There was no chafing and it doesn't stink afterwards. I could have used a little more length in this garment, but it was so comfy that I loved it just the same. It also retails for much less than other athletic brands.  Tribe
I also tried out their "Seamless Crop" (sports bra).  It was wicking but still held everything in place.  I liked it as the straps didn't dig in and it wasn't hard to get on or off.  It retails for just $28.
17.  If you want to workout all winter and hate the thought of staying inside, YakTrax can help you brave the elements and stay safe.  They attach to the bottom of any shoes and provide you with instant traction.  They are made up of a combination of rubber and metal springs and they grip to snow and ice.  You can run or walk in them without the worry of slipping.  They are inexpensive and durable.  They are sold in various sizes so you will get a custom fit that's right for you.  YakTrax also sells models specifically for running, walking and skiing, among others.  Check out their full line on their website.  These are a great idea for seniors who need to get the mail or for anyone who needs to walk to and from work in a slippery parking lot.  YakTrax
18.  Every girl needs to look fabulous on the go and have some great bags to carry hear gear in.  I recently discovered LillyPond bags and they are the epitome of fashion meets function. Their Cypress Wallet may be my new favorite accessory!
Lilypond 2014 Location Otter Creek 93
It's just big enough for a phone, a chap stick, pen and of course, all your credit cards.
Here are some technical specifications:
  • 100% recycled Lilypond CYCLEPOND™ exterior fabric
  • • 100% recycled Lilypond CYCLEPOND™ contrast interior lining
  • • Wide-mouth main compartment opening
  • • Four interior slash pockets
  • • Zippered coin compartment
  • • Credit card storage pockets
  • • Removable wrist strap
  • The sophisticated light teal blue color matches everything and is beautiful.
The Hummingbird Cosmetic Bag is perfect for going to the gym or to and from yoga class.  It's material is water resistant and its interior pockets hold everything you need to get cleaned up on the go.  This is also a great option for a business traveler.
 It's just $35 and I love it even for every day use, even at the office.
If you have a LOT of gear and need a cute bag to carry it in, check out their waxed canvas Silver Sky Shoulder Bag.  It's enormous capacity is coupled with adorable trimmings and durable fabric.  Even stuffed full, it is comfortable carry and looks sleek and stylish.

LillyPonds Magnolia Shoulder Bag is Goldilock's dream come true.  It holds everything you need for a day at the office followed by a day at the gym, coffee and dinner.  It looks great with any outfit, dressy or casual and holds up to the office floor, locker room and Starbucks table.
Ergonomically shaped, the YogaForce A-Line Mat is 68.5 inches long, 19.5 inches wide at the feet and 29.5 inches wide at the shoulders, this offers more room to maneuver in a crowded class. The mat is 4 pounds and comes with the adjustable shoulder strap for easy, hands-free transport. The removable wallet fits an iPhone.19.  The Yoga Mat from YogaForce is a beast among yoga mats. Unlike traditional yoga mats, this one is wider is at the top to match the width of your shoulders and features tapered edges and a slightly narrow base. Orange alignment guides ensure proper positioning to help both beginner and advanced yogis reach perfect posture in every pose.
20.  In order to keep that warm post workout bliss, try Gaiam's Essential Thermal Wrap.  It's eco friendly, made sustainably with organic cotton, comes in beautiful colors and best of all, keeps you warm and snuggly.  I love its large pockets.  I can wear this with anything, casual or more dressy and it keeps me warm, feels soft against my skin and looks great at the same time.  It's made in the USA and can be layered over or under other layers.  A versatile piece to take you through the winter months!
21.  If you are still planning on heading outside for a workout, take the MDID Cadence with you.  The band is waterproof and low profile.  It fits under all your winter layers. The band comes with a one year membership.  You simply enter the password and code that come with your band and then set up a profile.  It takes just a few minutes to enter in your medial information, medications and emergency contact details. Then, with a quick scan, emergency personnel can find those details that will potentially save your life.  This is a great item to have for someone who walks their dogs, goes for runs on the road, bikes or even for senior citizens who may venture from their home.  I like that it doesn't scream emergency bracelet and doesn't give out information to anyone who can get close enough to read it.

22.  Want to avoid the post workout stink?  Sometimes workout clothes even hold that horrible odor after they have been washed.  That's where Vapor Fresh comes in.  Their detergent is free of fabric softeners, artificial scents, and it's formulated for sports gear.  It leaves your clothes actually clean and fresh and not just heavily scented.  It's made to target your nasty body oils and break them down.  A container will last you over 30 loads of laundry and it is environmentally friendly.  They also sell a spray that's designed to take the stink away from your gear.  I will tell you I've tried sports detergents in the past and they have never worked as well as this one.  And the spray?  It can even tackle my running shoes.
22.  Want a bag to take back and forth tot he gym that doesn't stink and prevents the rest of your gear from getting gross?  And looks cute?  Sounds like too much to ask but the Ultimate Workout Bag from Curves looks like a designer tote but has all the bells and whistles you want.  It's a sophisticated purple color with faux leather straps and trim. The inside has pockets so your water bottles will stand up right and your west towels don't stink up the rest of your clothes.  And, when the bag does get a little gross, you can just wipe it off!
23.  Thorlo's 84N Runner's sock is just what you need when wearing thick winter boots or starting a new workout routine.  Designed with lots of foot protection to prevent hot spots and blisters they are a must have for every women's sock wardrobe.
When your boots start to rub the wrong way or you want to protect your feet, reach for these socks.  They will wick moisture away from your feet while staying in place and providing maximum foot comfort.  I love these for winter runs where my shoes are a bit heavier and sometimes my feet get wet.  I never get a blister wearing these.

24. If you're tired of plain water the Citrus Zinger is a great option.  Simply unscrew the bottom cup of the Zinger, flip the vessel on the top cap, and press a citrus half into the reamer. Screw back on the bottom lid, add water through the cap opening, shake and enjoy.  The bottle is cute too!  Here are some more of its features:
  • finger hole provided for easy carrying
  • easy to add ice via the bottom opening
  • Imported bottles with America-Made BPA/EA-free Tritan plastics from Eastman.
  • easy to clean, removable citrus press
  • reusable
  • carbonated water friendly
  • 28oz bottle
25.  I love yoga.  However, I don't like the sweat and stink that often come with it.  (No one does.) That's where Manduka's eQua yoga towel comes in.  I love these towels and I've tried lots of them!  The towel covers you whole mat (it comes in various lengths) and it provides you with a non slip surface.  If your mat is a little slick or your hands start to sweat, this towel becomes even more grippy.  It absorbed your sweat too so you're not dripping everywhere.  I love that it also dries quickly and if you re borrowing a mat, this provides you a clean surface. The eQua towel comes in a variety of pretty colors so you will be sure to find out that fits your style and mood.  Take a peek at all of them here.
It's also important to wash down your mat.  After a yoga session, use Manduka's Mat Renew to disinfect your mat and leave it with a fresh and calming scent.  I tried tranquil lavender and it smells amazing on my mat.  I use this after every yoga session and sometimes even before a class on my towel.
Click to purchase
Click to purchase
26.  One more thing….if you're going to be active outside, you need to protect your eyes.  Native Eyewear's Roan sunglasses are polarized so they protect your eyes but they are cute enough so they protect your style too.  Their durable blue frames are just what you need to compliment your running wardrobe or look great to and from yoga class.  Native Eyewear has an entire line of sunglasses for men and women that meld fashion with function.  Check them out!  

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