Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Addition

I wanted to share with you a little about our newest pack member. His name is Summit and he's a five month old blue merle border collie.  He was born to a breeder who gave him up because he could not sell him.  Glen Highland Farm took him in and adopted him out.  The new owner was unable to control his OCD tendencies and he was returned.  He was happy at the farm but since we have experience with OCD with our other dog and every dog is happier in a home, we decided to foster him.

He came to us about a week ago and everyone is adjusting.  It's odd having two dogs and one who can't hear is a unique challenge.  However, he does not react to the doorbell or any other stimuli.  It's nice in a lot of ways.

Kiran, now Summit, after his first full day with us.

The pack after playing tag.  

He's done a little bit of OCD chasing but I think now that he's happy and active it has decreased drastically already.  We're so thrilled to have another little doggie around!  He loves playing and is just learned to be pet and to snuggle.  He loves food, treats, and racing after Roxy. I've been researching training deaf dogs and we're ready to start sign language training with him quite soon.  He's adorable and soft and so very sweet.

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