Friday, June 12, 2015


I was recently lucky enough to be a speaker at the Blog Paws 2015 conference in Nashville.  My hubby and I decided to road trip down.  I'm going to share some of our adventures with you!
These paws were all over the hotel.  It was pretty awesome to see all the different areas that conference events were taking place in.  It was also just exciting to see paw prints on the floor of a nice hotel :)

Hattie B's is a classic Nashville restaurant.  It serves something called Hot Chicken.  It's fried chicken, with spice in the skin.  They serve it on a piece of bread with pickles.  I don't even really eat meat usually, but this was awesome. The line was out the door at ten pm! 

I love all of the signs in downtown Nashville!  While there are less Western stores than there were previously, many of the signs are still there and lit up.

The conference was full of amazing people. Everyone was an animal lover and there were lots of animals there!  I got to meet some amazing brands too.  Here I'm with Toe Grips which are designed to help blind, disabled or senior dogs with comfort on any surface.

These dogs were so adorable and so amazingly well trained I had to take a photo!  They had matching outfits too :)

Yes, there were baby ducks at the conference! I've never held one before and it was so soft, light and sweet!

So I had to compare duck faces :)

Lucy's Pet Products are a line of shampoos and dog grooming that were developed by vets in order to support a low and no cost spay and neuter clinic.  Here's Surfin Jack looking much cooler than I am.

If you're on Instagram, chances are you know about Theo and Beau.  A small boy and his dog nap together every day and the photos their mom takes are amazingly adorable.  I was sucky enough to get a photo and an autographed copy.

One of the areas in Nashville is called Hillsboro Village.  The area is filled with cool shops, restaurants and even some used book stores.  I loved getting to know a less touristy area of the city.  There are local artists to created murals like this one.

Take a peek at my adorable badge for the conference!  I will be attending for sure next year!

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