Monday, June 22, 2015

Fit Snack - Perfect For Your Summer Travels

Lately I’ve been traveling a lot.  My life has become a series of small trips, various challenges and unique days.  And with this scheduling change, I have found it a challenge to eat healthy on the go.  I can run in any city I visit.  I can usually find a hotel gym.  However, finding healthy food on the go is NOT easy. It’s also easy to get bored with the same old trail mix and start thinking about something less nutritious.  This is where FitSnack comes in.
Fit Snack
FitSnack is a monthly subscription service that delivers healthy options to your door every single month.  The box will surprise you every time and can include everything from coconut oil to peanut butter protein cookies.  This keeps you guessing and keeps your pantry stocked with healthy options that you won’t feel guilty eating.  I love opening the box (and usually eating something right away), and then tucking the rest into my travel bag for my next plane flight or road trip.
This month I was able to try some amazing granola from Bear Naked, some awesome protein powder, spices, sugar and more.  I am always amazed at the quantity of items that come in the box.  The variety is amazing as well.  They always seem to know things I want to try...I've been wondering about coconut water powder and voila, it arrives in this month's box.
If you like the items in the box, you're in luck.  Most products offer Fit Snack members deals on future orders.  For example, is offering 25% off!
It’s affordable too!  (Considering what you’d pay at a grocery store for this many healthy snacks!).  Check it out at  For any of our readers who order a FitSnack box, you’ll get a FREE GYM BAG!  YAY!!!!

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