Friday, August 16, 2013

Island Running

One of the things I feel most grateful and blessed for every single summer is running on Vinalhaven.  While I often don'e run a lot of miles or set speed records, I love the feeling of the salt water air breeze more than anything.

The sky out here is the bluest you've ever seen the scenery can't be matched.  It looks just like you've pictured every Maine coastal village to look, lobster boats in the harbor, blue green ocean, floating seaweed, and beach roses blooming everywhere.

I will say that I often stop and admire the view.  I love to stop and let Roxy take a quick dip in the ocean too.  We run down Main street and say hello to everyone we see.  Often, people want to ask about Roxy too.  Sometimes she wants to say hello and sometimes not so much :)

We also see people we know and stop and say hello.  I've been told by a few locals over the summer that they see me all the time and know that they will see "running girl" out in the island streets during the summer months.

I could run some of the backroad and really not see anyone.  However, I love seeing the busy harbor, the ferry coming in, and the hustle and bustle of Main Street in the morning.

I don't carry my phone out here, but I did snap some shots during another outing I took.  This is just a small sampling of the amazing sights and sounds and smells I see on my island runs.

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