Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rhode Island~The Biggest Little State in the Union

Well in the Northeast we've had a heat wave so severe that we've had air quality alerts every day.  So, I haven't run outside at all.  It has been so hot and muggy that you can't even go outside without your glasses fogging up and breaking a sweat.

During the hot spell, I visited my parents in Rhode Island.  It is where I grew up and I don't get to go back as often as I'd like.  However, when I do, I try to squeeze everything in!

The first day I was there we went to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants for lunch...Asia restaurant.  There is a way they make "Chinese" food in Rhode Island that tastes so good!  We also hit The Christmas Tree shop which is a discount store.  My mom and I love bargain hunting is this is the best place to do it.

We traveled to the beach the next day and I we walked for a little while looking at the ocean and then went to Iggy's, a take out restaurant famous for its chowder (which is red in Rhode Island), clam cakes and doughboys.  All of them were fried, yummy goodness.

I got to see my friends and family and spend quiet time with my parents, who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this week!  Overall, Rhode Island is always a great trip!

The weather forecast says cooler weather is on the way so I'm hoping Roxy and I can get back at it soon!  The indoor bike is less than thrilling for me and she just watches intently.
The famous Iggy's bag

The Coast Guard House

People travel to the shore to make cairns.  Some are glued and some are just balanced.  They are beautiful!

Rhode Island red chowder and a clam cake.  (I pick the clams out!)

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