Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hickies Laces Review

If you're looking for a cute and functional stocking stuffer, try out Hickies laces. Well, they are non laces really.  Hickies allow you to turn any pair of shoes into slip ons.  I'm always racing out the door (and who isn't) and I love being able to just slide my shoes on and off instead of having to tie them.  (Because I never tie them right and they are untied before I make it to the car...)

Hickies laces are made of think but stretchy rubber.  You feed them through your regular lace holes and close them using a small latch system.  I did both of my running shoes in about 20 minutes.  The second one went faster than the first once I knew what I was doing.

I didn't know if there laces would be tight enough for a run.  I went out for a run in the woods and they stayed snug and comfortable.

The are adorable and give you shoes a fun, clean look.  They come in 16 colors.  I love the idea of using these for kids, teachers, nurses, etc.  Anyone who is on the go and needs to look good.  Ok, that's everyone!
These make great clutter free stocking stuffers.  They come in 16 colors and each set comes with two bonus Hickies of a complimenting color.  You can, of course, customize your looks and go wild with lots of colors!  Its a great way to dress up a pair of boring pair of athletic shoes and add a bit of personality and style to your daily look.

Take a peek at Hickies at Brookstone:

Order a pair for every stocking you're filling and one for yourself!

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