Friday, August 10, 2012

Not So Colorful

As you know I was supposed to run The Color Run recently.  I didn't know much about it until I received a race information email a few days before the race date.  I was going to travel to Maine after the race with my husband and Roxy.  The Color Run was not near our home, it was a few hours away but it was on the way to Maine.

I found out via the email that I'd have to park in a parking lot and then be shuttled to the start line.  Then, the runners would start in waves every 15 minutes.  After I finished, I'd wait until the next 15 minute color toss, then wait in a line to get back to my car.

My husband would have had to wait in the car by himself for hours and I would have been on my won running the race and waiting for the start.  I was bummed, but taking Roxy and my husband into consideration, I bailed on the race.

Turns out I made the right choice. There was an accident on the highway keeping the buses from making their scheduled rounds and people waited hours to be bused back.  I'm shocked that such a large and popular event had so many hoops to jump through and was so un-runner friendly.

I learned that its very important to know all of the details way before you sign up for a race.  I also learned that the for profit races are not as warm and fuzzy as the charity races and most importantly, maybe big races aren't for me at all!

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